Services We Provide

Here’s the process that is proven effective and I recommend we use:

Yes, Tess can mediate your financial / property settlement.

A Parenting Plan

The family law mediation process will help you identify what’s important to your family and to you. I work with you to come up with an agreement – a parenting plan – for important things like where the kids will live and when they will spend time with each parent. I identify issues getting in the way. If you’re having trouble with your ex – mediation is the way to go.

Section 60I Certificate

If mediation doesn’t work – and there are a number of reasons why it might not – I can issue a section 60I certificate which means you can take the matter to court. Consult your lawyer for further advice about going to court. Talk to me about a certificate M: 0448837372

Getting what's fair

As a family law mediator, I can easily see what you two are arguing about and find a way to come to agreement. 

Often separated parents ‘push each others’ buttons’ – with a mediator in the room, you can get past the past and onto the future with your kids. 


Whether you need him to hear you or you want her to send less texts, mediation will help minimise conflict and maximise fairness.