How does mediation work?

Here’s the mediation process for FDRP that is proven effective and I recommend we use:

2 steps: pre-mediation between you and the mediator, then mediation with the other parent and the mediator.

Step 1 of 2

I meet with you for about an hour to understand your situation. Then I meet with the other parent for about an hour and understand the situation from their point of view. You can bring your new partner to this meeting or a support person. 

The more I know about your situation, the better I can mediate a fair agreement. 

Everything you say to me is confidential – I won’t disclose to the other parent what either of you say. 


Step 2 - The mediation

After I’ve met both of you separately, the three of us meet and mediate.

We set a list of things you want to talk about, like, who picks the kids up, what days do they stay at whose house etc. 


This is when you bring up the things that aren’t working well. Maybe you want to make an agreement on how often you’ll send texts or what you talk about. It’s your mediation – it’s up to you.  

Items can include questions like How will we communicate changes to each other? Who will take care of the children if one parent can’t? Can both parents attend school events even on the other parent’s care days? How will we spend Christmas? How long can one parent take the child overseas? 

The price includes up to three hours of mediation and a draft parenting plan, or a section 60I certificate, if needed.   


I can answer all your questions and set up an appointment.

Deal direct with a mediator.