Mediation and top 5 ideas of masculinity for Dads.

What is masculinity?

• It is a social construction rather than something that men and boys are born with.

• It is a set of social expectations or standards for how men should think and act,
but which many men are often unable to meet or live up to. This can cause depression or anger, and fuel illicit drug use and alcohol over-use. Depression can make you feel like your situation is hopeless and your kids are better off without you. There is always hope.

• It is multiple and situational — men do not conform to one single model of masculinity,
and masculinity is performed differently in different contexts.

• It intersects with other aspects of identity and social location such as race, class,
sexuality, ability, age and the Australian context of colonisation. These intersections produce
multiple masculinities and different experiences of being a man.

• It is embedded in social norms, structures and practices — it operates at individual,
organisational, community and systemic levels of society.

Argyll Mediation understands that fathers and families can be affected when ideas of masculinity aren’t helping the way you parent your children and relate to your partner.

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