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Tess from Argyll had a recent fantastic success for a Dad paying Child Support. Dad was concerned that Mum was not declaring extra income she was receiving from her ‘side hustle’. He was paying nearly $2,000 each month in Child Support and he thought it was unfair that the amount he was paying was based on her incorrect income.

Tess assisted Dad to collect evidence that Mum’s side hustle was a booming business, not just a hobby. Mum had declared to Child Support that her income was $19,000 per annum from her employment and didn’t declare her income from her side hustle business. The result was that Child Support staff increased Mum’s income to $97,000 per annum. This meant Dad had OVERPAID by about $1,800. The new Child Support assessment will be in place for 12 months.

Is Child Support using the wrong figures to calculate your Child Support? It doesn’t matter of you are the paying parent or the receiving parent, Tess has experience working for Child Support in reviewing assessments and could help you to get a fairer assessment. Talk to Tess today on 0448 837372 or

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