Discover the Benefits of Family Mediation in Lismore with Argyll FDRP

Family mediation in Lismore can help you navigate your separation.

When couples are in the midst of separation – an extremely stressful event for everyone involved – they may understandably be sceptical about family mediation in Lismore. It may be hard to have faith that mediation can help a family – in just one or two sessions – find solutions for problems they have been dealing with for months or even years. At Argyll FDRP, our family law mediators in Lismore understand how difficult separation and divorce can be, and we work to help separating couples resolve their differences as they move forward into a new reality as co-parents who work together for the good of their children.

The Importance of Family Dispute Resolution in Lismore

Families are often surprised by how effective mediation can be, even when dealing with extremely complicated or emotionally-charged issues. There are several reasons why mediation is often the most successful method of resolving family disputes, such as:

  • Neutrality. Your mediator should be non-judgmental yet validating when it comes to understanding the needs and expectations of all parties. Mediators are not decision makers like the court; instead, they are facilitators of communication and agreements.
  • Freedom of choice. Attempting family dispute resolution is compulsory, but couples have a considerable amount of freedom when it comes to choosing their mediator and the solutions they find agreeable. For example, if you and your partner are able to reach a parenting agreement in Lismore during mediation, you’ll have much more control over the details in it than you would in court.
  • Long-term connection. Although mediation is relatively brief, it focuses on the long-term connection of both parties as they work together, with the common goal of family harmony.

Mediation sets the stage for the development of an agreement that’s chosen by you and tailored to your family’s needs.

Choosing a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in Lismore

As you go about selecting a mediator to help you and your partner develop a parenting agreement in Lismore, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure the best chances of an optimal outcome for your children, your partner, and you. Follow these steps to ensure that you’re making the best possible decision.

  • Understand what you want from mediation. For example, would you prefer a mediator who suggests options or one who merely facilitates the conversation so that you and your partner might get stuck not knowing about available options feel responsible for the outcome? Would you like your mediator to coach you to communicate better?
  • Consider training and experience. Be sure that the mediator you are considering has enough relevant experience, dealing with cases similar to yours. Feel free to ask about their education, the number of years they’ve been in the business, and their philosophy and procedures when it comes to mediation.
  • Evaluate the information you gather and make a decision. Be sure that you are choosing a mediator whose personality is compatible with yours and one who will be understanding of your situation without being biased toward one side or the other.

At Argyll FDRP, we have over 30 years’ experience helping families like yours reach agreements on how they will parent, handle finances and more after separation. We work to understand your needs and be respectful, neutral and empathetic throughout the mediation process.

Why Trust Argyll FDRP Regarding Child Mediation in Lismore

We offer our clients some unique advantages including no waiting list for appointments, affordable pricing and custom mediation with solutions tailored to your family’s needs. The price you’re quoted is a flat rate with no hidden fees and no surprise charges later on. If you and your partner need help resolving differences from a trustworthy and knowledgeable mediator, contact Argyll FDRP today.