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Do you need family mediation in Ashgrove? Argyll FDRP can help.

Family law mediators in Ashgrove offer mediation, which is essentially a guided negotiation. Mediation helps the involved parties communicate their needs and goals with each other in a neutral and non-confrontational way. Rather than focusing on the past, Family mediation in Ashgrove focuses on the present and the future and on finding solutions that benefit the whole family, particularly your children. The benefits of mediation are considerable, and Argyll FDRP can help you and your partner discover them.

Related Services We Provide to Family Dispute Resolution in Ashgrove

When you work with Argyll FDRP, you’ll find that we offer a range of services designed to help you navigate the terms of your separation and come to a satisfactory parenting agreement in Ashgrove. Here’s some of what you can expect when you come to us:

  • An initial consultation. The first step is a meeting with each partner separately so that we can gain an understanding of your individual needs and expectations.
  • The mediation session. This session involves a brief meeting with each parent separately and then a joint meeting with all three of us to work towards an agreement.
  • A parenting plan. We can help you reach a parenting agreement that’s acceptable to both of you and puts the children first beneficial to the children.
  • A section 601 certificate. Sometimes, mediation isn’t successful. If this is the case, you’ll need a section 601 certificate, which allows you to take the matter to court. We can issue the required certificate.

Ultimately, you are the parents, and you know what’s best for your kids. We do not make decisions for you; we merely facilitate a healthy conversation so that you and your partner can come to an agreement that will work for your entire family.

Common Mistakes People Make in Child Mediation in Ashgrove

Family mediation is an attempt to reach a resolution regarding parenting your child custody and time-sharing issues with parents working together toward an agreement that is fair and acceptable to both parties. Here are some common mistakes to avoid to give you the best chances of a successful mediation:

  • Not being honest. Some tough questions may come up during mediation, and it’s essential that you answer them honestly. It may be tempting to gloss over uncomfortable facts, but telling the truth can work in your favour, especially when you accept responsibility and demonstrate a desire to work towards a real solution.
  • Being uninformed. Any number of facts may come up during mediation such as how your relationship began, when you started having trouble, and aspects of your family history. Brush up on your dates and details to avoid appearing disinterested in the situation or your family.
  • Blaming your partner. During a mediation effort, blame is almost always unhelpful and inflammatory. Be mature during the mediation process despite the emotional challenges. You don’t need to ignore the past but avoid dwelling on it as you work towards a resolution with third-party support.
  • Being too rigid. During mediation, it’s more important than ever to pick your battles. Go in with an understanding of which issues are the most important to you – but also keep an open mind whenever you can.

Ultimately, the mediation process is about your children and what’s best for them. A neutral party could be the missing ingredient to help your family find a suitable and supportive resolution.

What You Could Lose by Not Using Argyll FDRP

We are an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner in Ashgrove, and our professional team includes a solicitor and registered nurse. We help many couples reach agreements about children, property, and finances. We have experience with mental health services and can offer support and advice for distressed parents who need to seek help – a common effect of separation. We also offer fast appointments with no wait list, affordable pricing, and three convenient locations. Contact Argyll FDRP today to book your consultation.