Covid-19 vaccination for children and mediation

When a parent wants a child vaccinated and the other parent refuses to let your child be vaccinated for Covid-19.

In a recent case, one parent wanted to have their 10 year old daughter vaccinated, and the other parent refused to consent to vaccination. They had equal shared parental responsibility and the child spent time with each parent 50/50.

The Judge ordered that the parent could take the child to “any vaccination appointment”.

In his judgment, His Honour said: “Very regrettably, it is plain that the other parent does not support the child being vaccinated. … the other parent’s opposition to the vaccinations would be likely to cause distress to the child.

The other parent’s position in this regard is to be lamented. It flies in the face of the evidence …

The other parent’s position concerning vaccination is not child-focused, and it is not in the best interests of the child. It is not based on evidence … and … it may expose the child to harm.”

The evidence preferred by the court was of a mainstream doctor.

Click here to read the whole juddgement: Covington & Covington [2020] FamCA 1064 (11 December 2020)

Mediation can help: If you would like assistance coming to agreement about vaccinating your children, speak to a mediator.

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